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Designed for you

Advanced programs, with development tailored to your needs.

We adapt it according to your requirements instantaneously.

Network operation

All our programs work in a network and have automatic management of user access.

We can design the security of them to your needs.


Compare the quality-price ratio of our programs with those of the competition.

Automatic updates of the programs and much more.

Advanced reports

All of our programs incorporate the most advanced reporting system.

More than 150 built-in libraries: Pdf, Word, excel, Jpg, ...

Programs of management of receipts for SMEs and management of libraries.

Software for rent a car companies, library programs, SEPA receipts management software, video management program, personal accounting program, program for the management of town halls and management of water meters, management of securities and stock portfolios , ...

Dedicated in body and soul to the company.

We work for you Constant development of our applications with the daily contributions of our users.

Every day more benefits

Every day we grow up to meet your needs. Tell us what you need and we will try to cover it.


Custom development

Perfect for you Custom design.

FloresSoft S.A. makes its programs tailored to the users. Updates are constantly published with improvements, many of them suggested by you.
Our software for libraries has been in the market for more than 15 years and has a great popularity.
We are now achieving great success with Visual Rent a Car® rent a car rental software.
Our Visual Receipts® SEPA receipt generation program is the market leader.
All our programs can be downloaded and tested for 30 days. The programs are updated automatically and work in a network.

programa de recibos
Custom design.

Mas de 200 controles

FloresSoft S.A. Invests in the latest technologies to bring the latest Software to your reach and thus be adapted to the latest updates of the operating systems with which we work. They include more than 200 controls all adapted to Microsoft technology and are compatible with any current and future version of Windows.
We also work with Azure, SQL databases, we can put your web on our servers, backup your data, ...

FloresSoft S.A. develops customized management software for rent-a-car companies, small and medium-sized libraries, has a receipts remittance management program and software for video libraries. We also work in the management of town halls and irrigation communities. We also have an application for the management of securities portfolios

Our company, located in Spain, specializes in the development of portfolio programs for securities, assets, personal finance, SEPA receipt management software, software for libraries and document management, tailored to your needs.

Visual Rent a Car ® program management software for rent a car companies.

Rent a car program

Visual Rent a Car® allows you to manage your car rental business in a simple and intuitive way and from anywhere in the world.

Operation in Global Network.

Visual Receipts ® PRO Comprehensive management of SEPA receipts. Receipt management program.

Receipt software

Con Visual Recibos® You can manage all your receipts and invoices of your business in a simple and effective way.

Adapted to the new regulation SEPA CORE notebook 19.15. Issuance of orders of mandate. Updates and improvements to the program are free.

Visual Cash® The total control of the domestic accounting. Domestic accounting software.

Personal accounting software

With Visual Cash ® you can manage your personal accounts and your companies in a simple and professional way.

It does not require previous knowledge of accounting. Double starting system. Networking.

Visual Bibliotecas ®. Comprehensive management of libraries of all sizes. Library management software. Library management program

Visual Bibliotecas® is a software for comprehensive management from small to large libraries in a simple but professional way.

Program for individuals, schools or universities.
Keep all documents of vehicles and customers in any format and access them from the program.
Network operation. We adapt it to your needs without contacting us and free of charge.

Visual Valores® Absolute control of your securities portfolio. Portfolio management program. Portfolio management program

Visual Valores® is our professional portfolio management program.

Control all your securities portfolios and your assets with this complete application.

Visual Videotecas® Manage all your video tapes. Software for video libraries. Video library, videos and films management program ..

Visual Videotecas® allows you to manage your entire video collection.

Control all your videos and view them instantly.

Prices of the applications.

More detailed prices in the tab of each product.

  • Visual Cash®
  • Annual use license.
  • 20,62 € / año
  • +Info
  • Visual Recibos®
  • Annual use license.
  • 28,88 € / año
  • +Info
  • Visual Rent a Car®
  • Annual use license.
  • 115,66 € / año
  • +Info

*Realization of Web Pages and customized programs. Several versions. We have evolved over the years, sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose.

programa de rent a car  Visual Rent a Car®.

Leader in your sector. Program for rent a car.

Antonio Flores 28th Oct 2015

Our Visual Rent a Car ® program is a sales leader in the market. The program has had a great development thanks to our customers in recent years and now it is a product without competition in the sector thanks to its price.


(0 Mb.)
You can download it here:

contabilidad doméstica Visual Cash®.

Professional domestic accounting. Domestic accounting software.

Alicia Gutiérrez 07 Apr 2015

Double entry accounting. Automatic seats, graphics, reports, ...

Everything you need to manage your personal accounts and those of your company.


(0 Mb.)
You can download it from here:

programa de recibos Visual Recibos®.

The control of the treasury. Receipt management software Sepa.

Anthony Pits 04 Jan 2015

The best receipt management program. Now adapted to the SEPA. Management of receipts and invoices adapted to your needs.


(0 Mb.)
You can download it from here

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We are in Spain, in Salamanca and Madrid, although we support the Internet through the whole world.

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F: +34-923268358
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